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4/13/2017 4:48:00 PM
Orientation is the first step

Editor’s Note: I am currently going through the Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping 10-week program. I introduced my reasons in last week’s column, and this is part two in a 10 part series following me throughout the program.

Aly and I took our first step in the 10-week program last weekend at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping!

We had both gone to two ‘Friends and Family’ sessions to see what we were in for, but we finally arrived at orientation for our own 10-week adventure on Saturday, April 8.

Rhea Frederichs, the owner of the gym, has given us a couple of pieces of information that let us know what to expect at the orientation. It consists of measurements, baseline tests for a one mile run, sit ups and push ups and the always-dreaded ‘before’ pic.

I felt like a I was back in middle school the day before me having to run the mile in gym class. I was nervous and scared. I was excited about the program, but not about a one mile run. I hadn’t gone that distance since high school football.

We got to the orientation and there was a lot of activity going on. A lot of coaches and members moving from station to station but we were quickly welcomed and each coach that talked to us made sure we were comfortable and knew what we were doing and where we were going.

Early on, I met Lynette, a fellow first-timer who joined after reading my first column. I was so excited for her and to be joined on this 10-week program by her. She has her own reasons for joining and I couldn’t be more happy to share the 5:30 time slot with her.

I opened with the sit and reach test to establish my flexibility. Shocker that I’m not the most nimble person in the world.

After that, I went over to the measurements station and got my waist, chest, biceps and thighs measured. Luckily they had a long tape measure for that. The numbers weren’t a pretty sight.

I moved on to the line to get my weight and body fat percentage and also my ‘before’ picture taken without my shirt on. For a big guy, these were some of the more uncomfortable moments of the day for me. I’m not blind, I knew my weight would be high, but I also just avoid stepping on the scale at home. Ignorance is bliss they say. Well the facts weren’t so blissful. Not surprisingly, my weight and percentage were higher than I thought. My last step was the picture, and although I’m not terribly comfortable with my shirt off, I was able to be in a private room with just Rhea, the owner, so you’re not parading around with 100 people watching you.

Once I got through those stages, I was relieved but still excited and even more motivated. Those numbers are the reason I’m in the program. Those numbers are what will help fuel me through this 10 week program when things are tough.

The last stages of orientation were the sit up, push up and mile run tests. I did better than I thought in the push up test, but not as good as I thought in the sit up test. Then the dreaded mile run. The staff informed us that the run was optional.

For a moment, I was relieved. I wouldn’t have to run this distance that always has haunted me all the way back to elementary school.

But, much like my long e-mail full of excuses that was never sent to Rhea from last week’s column, I quickly squashed that thought. This process and program are about getting out of my comfort zone. About doing things I might not want to do, but things I need to do. I stayed true to the orientation and ran the mile. It was more like a walk, but I finished it, and established a baseline.

Aly and I went shopping after the class for some cleaner food since our pantry and refrigerator were full of some of my favorite junk food. We didn’t have to throw it all away, though, because of the Sunday cheat days that are important to the schedule. Sundays are a day of rest and cheating on your food. The idea of it being weekly is to keep you from craving your favorites so much at the end of the 10 week program that you just gorge on them until you’ve lost your results.

We did our meal prep day for food on Sunday, cooking loads of chicken, shrimp and jasmine rice, as well as portioning out almonds, carrots and our fruits. (Love me some Clementines).  I know not everyone is attacking this program in pairs, but meal prep was a great time for me and Aly. It took a couple of hours but we each had our own tasks we were doing, and it was something new for us that we enjoyed.

I woke up a bit sore from even just the testing, and of course my calf, which I’ve pulled before playing softball, was very stiff. I was worried I had injured it and was going to need to delay my start, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. I picked up some IcyHot and an ace bandage from Thrifty White and put them together the day of our first class. I made it a point to focus on stretching my calves before that class on Monday and it felt great and is now clear of any discomfort. Whew!

The first class was about what I expected since we had tried it out beforehand. It was tough and I was leaving sweat marks on the mat as we transitioned through the kickboxing and calisthenics, but it was such a great feeling after the 45 minutes was up. To know I was done for the night and was able to relax. I think of what I would’ve done at home instead of working out and it felt good to know  I got through the first class.

I’m preparing myself already to power through any walls that I might hit. I know the excitement early on from changing up your nutrition and working out is usually there and then as you get farther along, you can hit roadblocks and mental blocks.

I know it won’t always be fun and exciting. I know prep day will feel like a chore at some time when the ‘new’-ness wears off. But that’s when I have to stop and think about the two types of people I’ve encountered so far from this column: the supporters and the doubters. They’ll help fuel me past any walls!

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