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June 2, 2020

5/15/2020 9:52:00 AM
Can we all just get along? Sadly it seems we can't, get out and take a walk

Well it’s official - I am utterly and completely sick of the pandemic. Tired of the negative news. So unbelievably tired of the partisan bickering from every side. Sick of people demanding you to declare what side you are on in regards to the stay-at-home orders.  Just tired. Beaten down and tired.  

Are all of you, once this has passed, going to resume being friendly with each other or will you find another reason to take a side?  I have a feeling I already know the answer...

With all of us being limited to where we go or whom we see, we are struggling to find interesting things to do. We have made a point to get out to local parks recently. Usually it involves our little dog going with us for a walk but we have also taken our bikes for a ride from time to time.  

If you don’t really get out to our local parks and trails, I would highly recommend trying some of them.  There is a fantastic bike trail that goes from Taylors Falls to Shafer. It’s paved and ventures through farm fields and around some beautiful ponds.  

As far as parks go, Ojiketa Regional Park, Ki Chi Saga Regional Park and Allemansratt Park all have incredible walking trails and all offer some great scenery.  If we are going to get out and get some exercise, may as well enjoy your surroundings doing so. See you out there!

I have had so many people ask me where I stand on this whole open up the state or keep it closed.  First off, I can’t believe my opinion means anything or even holds water for that matter.  It’s a question with an impossible answer. If you say open it up, you take the side that “doesn’t care if citizens perish” and if you take the keep it shut side, you are automatically against the economy.

It’s impossible to believe but I sit on both sides of the fence...insert joke here.

I totally get the seriousness of this virus and the absolute havoc it has upon thousands of families across the country. But being a small business owner and being in the business of dealing directly with small businesses my fear is what the end result will be if we don’t open things up. How many businesses in Chisago County will be able to survive another wave of stay-at-home orders? We have the potential of creating not just a ghost town but a ghost county.  Couple that with the countless homes that could possibly be forclosed on due to closed businesses. Don’t get me wrong folks, I am all for getting this virus under control.  I am also very in favor of my business sisters and brothers surviving this. Go ahead, let the letter writing begin.. I’m a big boy, I can take it.   

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