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August 3, 2020

7/2/2020 1:38:00 PM
There is a new bridge in TF? I have a reason to give blood

We have had a few calls here at the Press lately about stories on our website.  We have had calls about Okjiketa Regional Park and the Lindstrom Loppet.  Callers reference an article talking about Ojiketa being open for booking.  Others referenced sign-ups for the Lindstrom Loppet to be held at the Lakes Free Church.  

First off, I need to apologize for any confusion.  It seems when we first started building our website we either didn’t see or it wasn’t there, but there is a button that auto dates articles posted on the website.  Both the Ojiketa and Loppet articles were posted at least 10 years ago.  

We are trying to change as many as we can find, but as you know once it’s in cyberspace it becomes a lot harder to corral.  So if you ever stumble across an article on our website that just seems off a bit, like “Split pairs coming to Lindstrom” or Chisago and Lindstrom to “join schools” you probably have found an old article. Or my favorite “Class of 2009 graduates”, sorry still having fun with that one.

We finally have a Fourth of July on a weekend!  It’s always such a bummer when it falls on a weeknight.  Not that we are huge partiers, but staying up late and working the next day is kind of a bummer.  

The weather is suposed to be very hot, just the way it should be.  Please take it easy this weekend and most importantly be safe.  Judging by the fireworks we hear over the lake recently, there will be a ton of explosions on Saturday.
I am not sure exactly why the lines are so massive at the Chisago City DMV, but every day there is a line of 70 people plus, waiting to get their tabs, license etc. At our house we did our tabs online, and I have to tell you, we were blown away how fast they came. It must have been less than a week and they were in our mailbox.

On Monday I gave blood to the Red Cross.  I have just begun giving blood this year, I have always wanted to but could never pull the trigger.  After getting talked into it by our sports editor, I took the leap.  

Piece of cake. Painless, takes around 20 minutes and obviously helps someone in need.

I would encourage you to give blood if you can.  Do you need more reasons to give blood other than that you are saving lives?

How about a free antibody test for COVID?

For a limited time you get a free test for COVID antibodies.  Maybe you are like me and wonder, a while back I had a super bad headache and a slight cough..maybe I had it? Well in six days I will let you know.  If so, I will start donating plasma to help those battling COVID.

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