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August 19, 2022

7/1/2022 1:25:00 PM
Music on the water on July 1

Can you belive we are so close to Karl Oskar Days already?  It is still days away, but if you take a gander at this Press you will be able to plan out your KOD weekend and not miss a single thing.  We will have more next week and in the Search so stay tuned.  Oh and don’t try to follow me looking for the hidden snuff box, I am not the one who hides it.

Speaking of fun, please be careful this Fourth of July weekend.  Last weekend we had a near fatality on the lakes with a man almost drowning.  I enjoy a beer as much (no scratch that more than) the next guy, but there is a point of having fun and a point of becoming dangerous, stick to the goal of having fun.

Speaking of having fun on the lakes, on July 1  at 7pm on South Center there will be the second-ever Music on the Water event. A band will be playing off the deck of John and Colleen Santi, who live across from the boat landing on South Center. I have been to their house and their deck is perfect for boats to line up and listen to music.  Just look for the large white deck off the Glader Blvd. end of the lake. Thanks to John and Colleen and Country Financial.  See you there!

I really feel like I use this platform to air out my grievances with the world from week to week. For that I apologize putting you through the mundane dribble that is my life.  But brace yourself, here comes a bit more.  So if my non-stop complaining bothers you I advise you to skip to the next article.

I don’t spend a lot of time on social media.  In fact I don’t own a tik tok or insta account..shocker to my friends I know.. in fact I rarely go on Facebook.  I find myself going down rabbit holes and after I look up at the clock, I realize I will never have that hour or two back in my life...

I am part of some neighborhood groups on Facebook which I mainly joined to find out about events and to translate to the Press is I saw fit.  Well as many of you know, these groups serve their purpose most of the time, but more and more they are a place for guile, hate and venom.  Someone can post something as simple as “I heard a bunch of sirens in Center City, does anyone know what’s happening?” and this is followed by tens if not hundreds of “They are taking our guns away” or law enforcement is acting like big brother again, or worse.  

Not to mention all of the comedians who think their little quip adds so much to the conversation...When did this country change so much?  Spare me the comments about the political scene - this has been building for years.  

I miss the ‘80’s.  No cell phones and we had to talk to each other face to face.

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