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October 20, 2021

9/23/2021 10:19:00 AM
Chisago Lakes Schools Independent School District #2144 Chisago City, MN 55013 BOARD OF EDUCATION Telecommunication Meeting Minutes: Thursday, July 15, 2021

(September 23, 2021)

PRESENT: Mark Leigh, Danielle Strenke, Brenda Carlson, Jeff Lindeman, Supt. Dean Jennissen

ABSENT:  Lori Berg, Melissa Donovan

VISITORS:  Jodi Davis, Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson, Darci peckman Krueger, Eric Simmons, Brandon Weiberg, Alison Lindeman, Tryo Aanonsen, Sandra Berg

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Motion by Carlson, seconded by Lindeman, all in favor with none opposed to accept the revised agenda.  Motion carried.

3. There were no Open Forum participants.

4. Under Communications, Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson presented the June financials picture.  The Principals contract negotiations are nearing a settlement.  Donations received:  $2500.00 from Minnesota Potters, $500.00 Lakes Free Church- to Food Service, $500.00 from Zion Endowment Fund for summer lunch box meals and $500.00 from Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Missions/Outreach for summer lunch box meals.  The Superintendent gave an update on the legislative session and    summer school runs through the end of the month.

5. Motion by Lindeman, seconded by Carlson to approve all the items on the consent agenda as follows:

Approval of June 17, 2021 Minutes:

Claims and Accounts:

The first set of computer payables dated June 29, 2021 for check number 140428 through 140502 in the amount of $149,025.58.

Employee reimbursement dated June 24, 2021 in the amount of $7,649.30.

17 bonds in the amount of $37,245.54.

Hand payables in the amount of $106,331.04.

Personnel Items:

Caitlin M. Michaelis, CLMS teacher effective July 14, 2021;

Hannah Beeves, para at TF effective June 9, 2021;

Kim Hickcox, HS secretary, effective June 30, 2021;

David Johnson, WCC Associate, effective July 3, 2021;

Michael J. Lenz, custodian at TF, effective July 15, 2021;

Leave of Absence:

Kellee Peterson, CLMS teacher is requesting a unpaid LOA up to 5 years effective July 7, 2021;

Contracts, Agreements, Notice of Hires, Transportation:

Nora Boyle, Elementary DCD Teacher for 2021-2022, BA +15, step B, $41,469.00;

Tara Haase, Elementary Teacher for 2021-2022, $60,962.00 +5% $3034.60; CCC $1,000=$64,726.60;

Laura Schmitz, Elementary Instructor for 2021-2022, MA+0, step F, $49,504.00;

Shelly Sprain, Secondary Instructor for 2021-2022, BA+0, step F, $44,871.00;

Kennedy Stace, Elementary Instructor for 2021-2022, BA+15, step C, $42,556.00;

Jason Thompson, HS Dean for 2021-2022, $82,474.00 + extra comp for 20 days +$9,412.60 = $96,010.30;

Samantha Vittori, Elementary Instructor for 2021-2022, BA+0, step C, $41,469.00;

Shannon Wood, LTS, August 30, 2021 through June 8, 2022, 184 days at $213.59/day=$39,300.00;

Janelle Hermann, Part-time ATTPPS (Qcomp) Coordinator for 2021-2022 commencing 7/1/1021 ending on 6/30/2022, $15,000.00;

Autumn Cizinsky, Independent Contractor  American Sign Language at Lakeside commencing 9/7/2021 through 6/7/2022, $47.00/hr;

Megan Adams, ESY para sub/elementary, $11.81/hr not to exceed 60 hours for 14 days;

Jessica Bergerson, ESY para, $11.81/hr not to exceed 60 hrs + 4 hours prep;

Angie Bialon, Kids Club Site Sup/Lakeside commencing 6/21/21, 8hrs/day, non cert schedule C, step D, $17.99/hr;

Lauren Borgstrom, Elem. ESY para at Lakeside, 6/28/21-7/22/21 no school 7/5 or 7/6 + 4hours prep, $11.81/hr;

Debara Boyle, ESY Para, 6/21/21 to 7/27/2021,Non cert schedule A sub rate, $11.81/hr not to exceed 6 0 hrs, 4 hr/day plus 4 hours prep;

Jennifer Melton, SPED para at Lakeside for 2021-2022, student contact days, A-H, $16.31;

Brooke Copeland, Kids Club Asst. Supv. commencing 6/14/2021. Flex hours up to 5.75 hrs/day through August 20, 2021, Sub. Schedule A, $11.81/hr;

Lisa Delzer, Elementary Summer School Teacher-Lakeside, 6/29/21 through 7/22/2021, no school on 7/5 and 7/6, $56.03/hr;

Eva DuFresne, ESY para commencing 6/21/2021 through 7/27/2021, $11.81/hr not to exceed 60 hours plus 4 hours prep;

Susan Englebrecht, ESY para commencing 6/28/2021 through 7/27/21, $16.3/hr not to exceed 67 hours;

Jill Erickson, ESY para – Lakeside, commencing 6/29/2021 through 7/22/2021, $11.81/hr;
Amanda Fredlund, ESY Teacher, 6/15/2021 through 7/25/2021, $30.00/hr not to exceed 64 hours + 8 hrs prep;

Heather Hansen, WCC Associate, up to 5.75 hrs up to 260 days, $13.50/hr;

Coral Haselbauer, Lakeside general supervision para commencing 9/7/2021, noncert schedule A, step G, $15.60/hr;

Jennifer Hegstad, HS Summer School, 6/14/21-7/1/2021, 4hr/day, $30.00;

Davin Holter, WCC Associate, 5.75 hrs/day, 260 days, $13.50/hr;

Margo Johnson, EST CLEC, 6/15/2021 to 7/25/2021, $31.27 not to exceed 71 hours;

Michelle Lang, WCC, Gymnastics Instructor commencing 4/26/2021, flex hours, $20.00/hr;

Emily McPhee, ESY para elementary, 6/21/2021 to 7/27/2021, 4 hrs/day, $11.82/hr;

Mariah Moilanen, HS Summer School, 4 hr/day, $30.00/hr;

Alisha Nelson, Little Wildcats preschool para at PS commencing 8/30/2021, 28.25 hrs/wk, up to 170 days, none cert schedule A, step B $12.85/hr;

Judy Nelson, ESY HS para sub, 4 hrs/day, $11.81/hr;

Tim Reisdorf, HS Summer School, 4hrs/day, $30.00/hr;

Amanda Shoquist, ESY Summer School Teacher Lakeside, 4hrs/day, $30.00/hr;

Kevin Stoffel, MS Lead Custodian commencing 8/23/2021, 8hrs/day $26.62 + $.50/hr for 1st class C Boiler license;

Kelli Swanson, ESY para Lakeside, 4hrs/day, $15.60/hr, after 7/1/21, $16.31/hr;

Nicole Thielen, ESY para, 4.5 hrs/day, $18.00/hr, after 7/1/21, $18.56/hr not to exceed 67 hours;

Matt Thielen, ESY CLEC, 6/28/2021 – 7/27/2021, $19.67/hr, after 7/1/21, $20.05/hr;

Perry Tinjum, CLMS Summer School Teacher, 6/28/2021 – 7/22/2021 + 8 hrs to prepare, $30.00/hr;

Christina Walbridge, ESY para HS, 6/28/2021 – 7/22/2021, $14.46/hr after 7/1/2021 $15.03/hr not to exceed 67 hours;

Kerry Zupko, Summer School Teacher-Lakeside, 6/29/2021 – 7/22/2021, no school 7/5/21 or 7/6/21 + 8 prep hours, $56.67/hr;

Ryan Anderson, Football Asst. for 2021-2022, III-10, $4527.00;

Alyssa Chowdhury, Go Wild Advisor for 2021-2022, 50% of IX-1, $894.50;

Ryan Dewey, VICA Advisor for 2021-2022, IX-10, $1969;
Shannon Dickenson, Co-Student Council Advisor for 2021-2022, 50% of IV-7;

Jonathan Erickson, Tennis/Girls Head coach for 2021-2022, III-10, $4527.00;

Joy Koeppel, Volleyball 7MS for 2021-2022, VI-10, $3198.00;

Susan Lee, Cheerleading Advisor for 2021-2022, VI-2, $2998.00;

Ian Lexvold, All school Play asst for 2021-2022, V-0, $3341.00;

Melissa Lideen, Co-Student Council Advisor for 2021-2022, 50% of IV-7, $1972.00;

Hannah Lindstrom, Volleyball Head Coach for 2021-0222, II-3, $4670;

Julie Mellum, FFA Advisor for 2021-2022, V-8, $3541.00;

Jolene Meyer, All School Play Costumer for 2021-2022, $2,000.00;

Shelby Peltier, Volleyball 9th grade for 2021-2022, V-1, $3366.00;

Brigette Rogers, Link Crew Advisor for 2021-2022, IX-6, $1889.00;

Jeff Saueressig, Football Asst for 2021-2022, III-10, $4527.00;

Michael Svendsen, Football 9th grade for 2021-2022, IV-4, $3854.00;

Craig Walker, Football 9th grade for 2021-2022, IV-10, $4034.00;

Jay Schueller, All School Play Set Construction for 2021-2022, VII-2, $2595.00;

Scott Buchkoski, Football Asst. for 2021-2022, 50% of III-10, $2263.00;

Robin Lind, All School Play Choreographer for 2021-2022, $1200.00;

Lynn Stoltz, Volleyball 7 for 2021-2022, VI-7, $3123.00;

Two students from Wyoming to Liberty Classical Academy in White Bear Lake, MN;

6. There was no Old Business to discuss.

7. Motion by Carlson, seconded by Strenke, with all in favor of accepting Board Member, Melissa Donovan’s resignation effective August 12, 2021.  Board member Lindeman asked to make a motion to change her resignation date to immediate, motion failed for lack of a second.

8. After a lengthy discussion, motion by Carlson, seconded by Lindeman to fill the vacant seat by application process through Applitrack, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

9. Member Carlson introduced the IOwA resolution and moved its adoption:  

Designation of Identified Official with Authority for the MDE External User Access Recertification System.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) requires that school districts annually designate an Identified Official with Authority to comply with the MNIT Enterprise Identity and Access Management Standard which states that all user access rights to Minnesota state systems must be reviewed and recertified at least annually. The Identified Official with Authority will assign job duties and authorize external user’s access to MDE secure systems for their local education agency (LEA). The Board recommends to authorize Dean Jennissen to act as the Identified Official with Authority (IOwA) and Jodi Davis as proxy, to add and remove names only for Chisago Lakes School District 2144-01.
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Lindeman and upon roll call vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Leigh, Carlson, Strenke, Lindeman                            with Berg and Donovan being absent; and the following voted against the same: none.  Said resolution was declared duly adopted.

10. Board Chair Leigh called for a Special Meeting on August 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM to set aside time for the board members to go over the applications.  All in favor.

11. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Carlson with all in favor of the renewal of the Properties & Liabilities & Cyber Insurance as presented by Robyn Vosberg-Torgerson, Director of Business Services and Eric Simmons, Director of Technology; all in favor with none opposed, motion carried.
12. Motion by Carlson, seconded by Lindeman with all in favor of approving the change in the Health Insurance Plan to a 15 month plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield instead of Health Partners as presented by Darci Peckman – Krueger.
13. Motion by Lindeman, seconded by Carlson with all in favor, none opposed, of moving to Madison National Life for the Long Term Disability Insurance.
14. Motion by Lindeman, seconded by Strenke with all in favor, none opposed, of the change presented by member Strenke of the Policy Committee to Policy #401 – Equal Employment Opportunity.
15. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Carlson with all in favor, none opposed, of the change presented by member Strenke of the Policy Committee to Policy #214 – Out of State Travel.
16. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Lindeman with all in favor, none opposed, of the change presented by member Strenke of the Policy Committee to Policy #102 – Equal Educational Opportunity.
17. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Carlson with all in favor, none opposed, of the change presented by member Strenke of the Policy Committee to Policy #402 – Disability Nondiscrimination.

18. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Lindeman with all in favor, none opposed, of the change to Policy #514 – Bullying Prohibition Policy.

19. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Carlson with all in favor, none opposed, to appointing Darci Peckman-Krueger as the Data Privacy Officer for ISD 32144 for 2021-2022.
20. Motion by Lindeman, seconded by Carlson with all in favor, none opposed, to setting the School Board Meeting Dates as follows:  8/19/21, 9/23/2021, 10/14/2021, 11/18/2021, 11/18/2021, 12/16/2021 & 1/6/2022.

21. Board Chair stated the School Board Meeting went into closes session to discuss the superintendent’s performance evaluation with a summary to follow at the August meeting.
22. School Board reviewed individual evaluations completed for the Superintendent, with a brief discussion with the Superintendent.
23. Motion by Strenke, seconded by Carlson, with all in favor, none opposed to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 p.m.

Mark Leigh, Chair
Danielle Strenke, Clerk              

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