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Fentanyl fight has local roots

You can’t tell from how somebody appears on the outside, but there are thousands of people going about their lives and circulating in their communities, whose souls are under reconstruction. Their time on earth was rolling right along until a best friend, a loved one, son or daughter, sister, or parent or spouse was taken by the deadly street version of the drug fentanyl.

Election 2024 starts soon

Minnesota holds a Presidential Primary March 5. Absentee voting ends March 4 for this primary involving the major state parties. The absentee (early) vote can still be cast at the Chisago County Government Center at the auditor’s office during business hours, which will also be open March 2, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Taylors Falls public hearing on business aid continued to March 18

The public hearing for the City of Taylors Falls to get input on a plan to facilitate Hursh Ironworks in relocating to the Taylors Falls industrial park, opened and closed in about five minutes Monday night this week. There were no details drafted yet and the issue of the city subsidy— in the form of “sale” of practically free land— was not discussed pending more details.

New ARMER radio contract discussed County Board decides fees next month

A gathering of some of the local public safety players was held in the government center Friday afternoon, February 16, to review upcoming contract issues having to do with how Chisago County responding departments and agencies are able to communicate. The emergency services contract for radio equipment and systemwide expenses is in the midst of a one year extended time period this year.

North Branch Council not ready to revise urban service area, or reinstate primary balloting

Developer Larry Beach saw his request to have the North Branch City Council revise the urban service area and amend the Comp Plan tabled last week, due to a council member being absent. Mayor Kevin Schieber recommended the votes be delayed until Kelly Neider could participate. The actions should have a full five members present, the mayor argued.

North Branch council sets public hearing on more complaints about Neider

North Branch City Council met for about an hour in closed session February 20 to consider setting a public hearing to review complaints alleging a fellow council member had violated the council code of conduct. The council entered open session and agreed the allegations constitute a legitimate complaint under the current standards, and that the allegations were lodged “in good faith” as required. The council member facing the allegations, Kelly Neider, was absent.

Wyoming Council gets complaint on exterior lights

The bright lights illuminating the newly-built Gregory Contracting facility on Hwy. 8 are too bright and are on for too many hours, the city council heard last week.

Bike trail lots stay zoned for business, for now

Members of the Center City Council last week were not eager to take parcels off the tax rolls, which are situated where a bike trailhead project may be developed someday. A measure to rezone the lots from business district to public open space failed on a split vote.

Taylors Falls Council fully supports Ironworks; other industrial park concepts tabled for now

Taylors Falls Council members this week, fully supported proceeding on the sale of lots the city owns in the business park, west of downtown, to Hursh Ironworks. The east side of the area laid out for business/industrial uses is sought by the company, which is seeking to move from the edge of Center City. Its iron fabrication practices there are situated on small acreage within a residential area, and neighboring properties have expressed complaints about operations. Plus the business growth plans call for a larger site.

Racism behind student bullying, North Branch Board hears

The agenda and presentation item for North Branch Superintendent Sara Paul last week covered the development of policy. It may not be an invigorating topic, but in today’s world, maintaining policy is at the top of to-do lists for schools. School districts in Minnesota have extensive policy mandates and additional requirements for updating the wording and issues addressed in policy. North Branch school board members select a few policies every year for review, and completely cycles through all its policies every three years to make sure they are relevant and that mandatory rules are current.

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