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Center City Council cool to plat request on Park Island

Center City Council met June 4 for a regular meeting. Council member Ryan Pease was absent.

Congrats grads, fireworks date change, Harmony is underway

Congratulations to the most recent graduates of Wolf Creek Online School and the North Branch seniors. These kids have worked hard to get where they are today and I am certain they will make a difference in this world.

Shafer City Council ups council and mayor pay

Shafer City Council met June 4 for a regular meeting. All members were present.

Bring your flag - buy a new flag, good luck local athletes at State

I had the pleasure of taking pictures at the Chisago Lakes Senior High graduation on Monday. It was easily the best weather I have seen at graduation in my 20 plus years of covering them. Judging by the sheer number of family and friends that came out, the weather had to only increase the already large crowd.

Shafer City Council briefs...

Shafer City Council met May 21 for a regular meeting. All members were present.
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City council meets as new group

Stacy City Council met May 14 for a regular meeting, all members were present along 14 residents who were in attendance. The new council is made up of Mayor Mark Utecht, council members Tim Sawatzsky, Carolyn Cagle, Jeff Barrett and Dennis Thieling.

Lindstrom Council accepts audit, sale of lot to proceed

Lindstrom City Council met May 15. All members were present.

Memorial Day is meant to honor our local Veterans; Wolves win!

This weekend is Memorial Weekend. While most people look at it as a long weekend filled with barbecue, friends and family, the meaning behind Memorial Day is much more. It’s our great country’s chance to honor those women and men who have dutifully served our country and many of whom gave their lives for our freedom. We would not be where we are today without these awesome people. If you look in this edition, you will find two pages of Memorial Day services in our area. I would highly encourage you to come out to one of the services and pay your respects for the people who gave their lives for us.

Center City allows on/off sale liquor at Nordic Inn

Center City Council met May 7 for a regular meeting. All members were present with City Clerk Dana Miron absent and 23 people were in attendance at City Hall.

Northern lights were beautiful? Lots of fun coming this weekend

Did you get swept up with the northern lights this past weekend? Maybe my eyes are getting bad in my old age, but every time we went out to look at the lights, it just looked like dark streaks stretching across the sky.

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