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Shafer Council removes two residents for multiple committee absences

Shafer City Council met February 6 for a regular meeting.

Celebration was still a good time

Well, Mother Nature tried her hardest to cancel the Celebration of the Lakes. But in true Chisago Lakes’ fashion, we made due with what we had. And you know what? We still managed to have a good time doing so.

Still plenty of fun to be had

Okay, the Celebration of the Lakes is still on. We have had plenty of calls inquiring about the event so I am here to shed some light.

Celebration of the Lakes still on!

Fair warning: Lots of lake talk ahead....

Lindstrom Council asked to include historical society in souvenir sales fundraiser

Lindstrom city council met January 17 for a regular meeting. Council member Linda Merkel was absent.

Good day for a drive - on the ice...

On Sunday we were eating dinner when our dog started barking like mad. We got up to see a small SUV driving on the lake ice. Big deal Matt - cars drive on the ice all the time. True, but this car was probably approaching 50 miles per hour. We opened our window to get a better view and it was a woman all by herself with her windows down (being safe I assume) and she was hooting and hollering. She would whip her vehicle around and spin out of control. We had a good laugh until she drove up on our neighbor’s shoreline and almost hit their dock. I am not sure if she was breaking any rules or not, but there were definitely some ice fishermen in the same bay keeping a close eye on her.

Black eye? Thanks Ma Nature

What a blow Mother Nature gave us the last few days. To go from the 40’s and wearing sweatshirts for outdoor apparel to donning Carhartt coats with face masks to protect our cheeks from below zero temps.

Shafer council briefs........

Shafer City Council met January 2 for a regular Council meeting. All members were present.

Your help is incredible

I hope you had a great New Years Eve and New Years day. We set out to celebrate a day earlier on Saturday with some friends in Wisconsin. Little did we know, we would be back home in three minutes. From our road to the roundabout by Hazelden (Center City) there were three vehicles in the ditch. The roads were a sheet of ice. We promptly turned around (after sliding into the middle of the roundabout) and headed home. We ended up having a wonderful meal at Jakes by the Lakes which wasn’t crowded at all because of the roads. So our big party weekend consisted of one meal out, and a whole lot of staying home and safe. Probably for the best.

Christmas in short sleeves

I hope you had a chance to spend Christmas with your family over the weekend. We had three Christmas celebrations with various versions of the family. This was by far the most relaxing Christmas I can remember. I  had shopping done a month ago, we had our meals all planned out and the prep went smoothly, all there was to do was relax and enjoy family. Maybe I am getting old and sentimental, but the food absolutely stood out this year. My wife Cheryl made some of the most mouthwatering food I have ever tasted, as well as my baby brother made incredible pizzas on their new outdoor pizza oven. With all that eating and relaxing, my pants fit a bit tighter than before, but it was worth it. I still have a few days until New Year’s and my yearly “I’m going to lose 100 pounds” preposterous statement —so I’m going to enjoy the leftovers.

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