that a loon? A couple of fun local events to take in

Thanks to the group of people who took time out of their beautiful weekend last Saturday to build some loon nest platforms. The man made floating nests are complete and will be installed on North and South Center Lakes. Besides being our state bird, loons hold a special place in Minnesotans’ hearts. Just take notice if you are around water and happen to hear a loon call. Look at the expression of those around you, everyone stops to listen and a conversation usually follows. So to encourage nesting and increase our loon population is wonderful news.

Is that rain? No it’s my tears, groups donate a ton(s) of food

Sunday was a deluge of rain and wind in Chisago County. While the wind seemed as if we were in a low level hurricane, one thing that certainly was welcomed in our home was the moisture. As I have stated here many times, the lake levels have become incredibly low with the lack of winter moisture and the end of the summer drought. So, yes my plans to sunbathe took a hit on Sunday but there was extra moisture in the air from tears of joy. (Sorry to put that image in your head.)

Newspapers still work, meet the candidates for Stacy election

With the chain of lakes at an incredibly low level right now, and us only owning two sections of dock at my house, the docking of our boat was looking grim.

Stacy Council gives tower chores to marine services

Stacy City Council met March 12 for a regular meeting, all members were present.

Snow everywhere, thanks to all who came out to local events

My wife and I just got back from a week long vacation. I am not going to go on about the vacation because let’s be real, the only people who care about vacations are the ones who took them. It’s like listening to someone go on and on about their golf game. The only thing I will mention is that it was warm, like in the lower 90’s warm. So imagine our dismay when we came back to this...yuck. I am writing this Tuesday afternoon staring out at what I think is my truck under all that snow? Two days - two punches in the face. Before we left it was consistently in the 50’s and 60’s. Now I am not sure we will be able to get out of our driveway tomorrow morning. Good ol’ Minnesota.

Chisago Lake Township voters approve Sunday liquor sales

Chisago Lake Township’s annual meeting was March 12. Eleven people attended the meeting. John Nelson was elected the moderator.

Center City Council reviews sewer, water hook-up; new website services

Center City Council met March 6 for a regular meeting. Council member Lloyd Vetter and council member Ryan Pease were absent.

Waffles and beer, are there two better things to put in my body?

This weekend has some fun things for all of us to take in locally. Saturday the Chisago Lakes Lions Club would love to invite you and everyone you know to their annual Swedish Waffle Day celebration. The awesome meal consists of Belgian waffles (all you can eat) with all the fixings (or leave it plain like I do) sausage, milk and juice and of course coffee. The meal will be at the Chisago Lake Township Hall March 16 from 8am to 11:30am. We have an ad on page 4 in this edition with all the info.

Tease photo

Lindstrom Council clarifying Chamber aid; OK’s extra dockage

Lindstrom City Council met February 21 for a regular meeting. All members were present.

Food share month means opportunities for us to help

March is Minnesota Food Share Month. Minnesota Food Share March Campaign is the largest grassroots food and fundraising drive in the state, brings together organizations, businesses, faith communities, and individuals to help stock and support the capacity of nearly 300 food shelves including our local shelves. The campaign runs from late February until April 6.

Stacy City Council tackles water issues

Stacy City Council met February 13 for a regular meeting, all members were present.

Saying goodbye to a good friend

It is with a heavy heart that I write about the passing of a good friend and community staple for decades Pastor George Cruys. If you have lived in the area for some time, you may recognize the name. George was the pastor at Trinity Lutheran here in Lindstrom for years. His wonderful wife Kerine ran Gustaf’s Gifts which was a Swedish gift shop located where Gustaf’s Eatery is now.

Shafer Council removes two residents for multiple committee absences

Shafer City Council met February 6 for a regular meeting.

Celebration was still a good time

Well, Mother Nature tried her hardest to cancel the Celebration of the Lakes. But in true Chisago Lakes’ fashion, we made due with what we had. And you know what? We still managed to have a good time doing so.

Still plenty of fun to be had

Okay, the Celebration of the Lakes is still on. We have had plenty of calls inquiring about the event so I am here to shed some light.

Celebration of the Lakes still on!

Fair warning: Lots of lake talk ahead....

Lindstrom Council asked to include historical society in souvenir sales fundraiser

Lindstrom city council met January 17 for a regular meeting. Council member Linda Merkel was absent.

Good day for a drive - on the ice...

On Sunday we were eating dinner when our dog started barking like mad. We got up to see a small SUV driving on the lake ice. Big deal Matt - cars drive on the ice all the time. True, but this car was probably approaching 50 miles per hour. We opened our window to get a better view and it was a woman all by herself with her windows down (being safe I assume) and she was hooting and hollering. She would whip her vehicle around and spin out of control. We had a good laugh until she drove up on our neighbor’s shoreline and almost hit their dock. I am not sure if she was breaking any rules or not, but there were definitely some ice fishermen in the same bay keeping a close eye on her.

Black eye? Thanks Ma Nature

What a blow Mother Nature gave us the last few days. To go from the 40’s and wearing sweatshirts for outdoor apparel to donning Carhartt coats with face masks to protect our cheeks from below zero temps.

Shafer council briefs........

Shafer City Council met January 2 for a regular Council meeting. All members were present.

Your help is incredible

I hope you had a great New Years Eve and New Years day. We set out to celebrate a day earlier on Saturday with some friends in Wisconsin. Little did we know, we would be back home in three minutes. From our road to the roundabout by Hazelden (Center City) there were three vehicles in the ditch. The roads were a sheet of ice. We promptly turned around (after sliding into the middle of the roundabout) and headed home. We ended up having a wonderful meal at Jakes by the Lakes which wasn’t crowded at all because of the roads. So our big party weekend consisted of one meal out, and a whole lot of staying home and safe. Probably for the best.

Christmas in short sleeves

I hope you had a chance to spend Christmas with your family over the weekend. We had three Christmas celebrations with various versions of the family. This was by far the most relaxing Christmas I can remember. I  had shopping done a month ago, we had our meals all planned out and the prep went smoothly, all there was to do was relax and enjoy family. Maybe I am getting old and sentimental, but the food absolutely stood out this year. My wife Cheryl made some of the most mouthwatering food I have ever tasted, as well as my baby brother made incredible pizzas on their new outdoor pizza oven. With all that eating and relaxing, my pants fit a bit tighter than before, but it was worth it. I still have a few days until New Year’s and my yearly “I’m going to lose 100 pounds” preposterous statement —so I’m going to enjoy the leftovers.

Stacy preps to absorb township

Stacy City Council met December 13 for a regular meeting, council members Marie Lawrence and Jennie Carlson were absent. The meeting was held at Lent Town Hall and will be for the foreseeable future.

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

This is our last paper before Christmas. So if you are opposed to religious tones, move to the next paragraph. Monday is when the world celebrates the birth of Jesus. Right around 2.3 billion people consider themselves Christians, myself included. My faith has gotten me through the worst times imaginable and I can honestly say without it, I most likely wouldn’t be here. Maybe that’s why Christmas is so emotional for me. My parents did a wonderful job showing me the true meaning of Christmas and I have tried to do so with my kids (I am certain I have not came close to the job my parents did).

Shafer City Council finds common ground on joining of two lots

Shafer City Council met December 5 for a regular Council meeting. All members were present.

Christmas all around us, shop local if we can

I hope you had a chance to take in the living nativity at First United Methodist Church in Lindstrom on Saturday. Of course Mother Nature decided to drop a snowstorm on the event. The actors in the nativity program braved cold temperatures and a driving snow/sleet that lasted the entire time.

Santa still has plenty of stops to make in our area

The coloring pages have been flowing in pretty steadily this last week or so. If your kids have yet to color the page coloring contest page from the gift guide, I would urge them to do so soon. If you missed the gift guide or maybe recycled it, we have plenty here at the Press. There are three prizes given away for three age categories. Simply have your kids color the page and drop it off here or mail it to us at County Press, PO Box 748, Lindstrom MN 55045.

Shafer lot split, combine confusing

Shafer City Council met November 21 for a regular Council meeting. All members were present.

Lighting festivals and craft fairs this weekend

What a blast we had going to the Taylors Falls Lighting Festival. I will say, it was one of the coldest that I can remember, but judging by the size of the crowd, that didn’t seem to bother too many people. People lined the street for the lighting and the parade that followed.

Stacy City Council briefs.....

Stacy City Council met November 14 for a regular meeting, Marie Lawrence was absent.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend is the official beginning of the holiday season. Taylors Falls kicks off the tree lighting season on Friday. The events go for three days.

Frandsen meets with County Fair Board again about relocation desire

The Chisago County Fairboard met November 13 at the Chisago Lake Township hall.

Shafer Council looks at private street acceptance; awards HVAC quote

Shafer City Council met November 6 for a regular Council meeting. All members were present.

Lots of stuff to do locally!

There is still time to take in the CLHS Theater’s version of The Addams Family. The show still has this weekend before it wraps up. I had the pleasure of taking in the opening night. It is a wonderful show that I think you and your family would really love. There is music, monsters, comedy (yes even adult comedy) and of course singing. The kids do a great job and Rachel did a great job directing them. I believe you have to purchase the tickets online at

Halloween is upon us

This weekend is the big one before Halloween. There is still plenty of time to take in the scary “Ojiketa Haunt” which runs Friday and Saturday evenings at 7pm to 9:30pm. Cost is a mere $5 per person or $3 if you bring a food shelf donation (non-perishable please). We have been to Ojiketa Haunt multiple times over the years and it is a fun event.

Halloween all around us

Well we are well into Halloween season and fall decorating. That means the ever popular Ojiketa Haunt is up and running. This year’s theme is The Witches of Cranberry Bog. Beginning Friday and running on Oct 20, 21, 27 and 28, you are invited to Ojiketa Regional Park to take a scary stroll through the woods and even inside some of the buildings. Who knows what you may encounter. The gates open at 7 p.m. and closes at 9:30 p.m. Cost is super reasonable at $5 per person or $3 if you bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the local food shelf. New this year, they will have a food truck on site so you can enjoy some yummy food before you get scared to death.

Shafer Council briefs...

Shafer City Council met October 3 for a regular meeting. Mayor Paula Hanson and council member Nick Brehm were absent as well as city engineer Lucas Jones.

Fire Prevention week is here

This week is Fire Prevention Week. It’s our chance to visit our local fire halls and say thanks to the men and women who take the time out of their lives (yes they all are volunteers) to dutifully serve our great county and protect our homes and businesses. In this Press you will find some large advertisements promoting their open houses. Most of them take place this Saturday. Chisago City visits the schools during the week instead of an open house.

Lose your junk, visit a market

This weekend in Center City is your chance to get rid of your fall clean-up clutter. AAA Appliance and Recycling is holding their annual fall recycling day. It runs Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is held in the lower parking lot at Chisago Lake Lutheran Church. This is our chance to get rid of stuff that has been cluttering our garages and closets all summer and get ready for winter (yuk). I would list the items they accept but the list is too long. Please see page four to see the long list of items. See you there.

Shafer City Council briefs....

Shafer City Council met September 19 for a regular meeting. Council member Nick Brehm was absent.

Big weekend coming up

We have a big weekend coming up if you are looking for some local fun. And judging by the way our Purple played on Sunday, we could use some fun to take our mind off of the season.

Good weekend for a paddle

This weekend is Labor Day. A nice long weekend to end the inferno that has taken what summer should be and thrown it in the frying pan. I love warm weather, but this summer has been ridiculous. It has dried and withered most all of our lawns. Lakes are incredibly low and we have watering bans and bonfire bans everywhere. What does it have to do with Labor Day?  Most likely nothing - but it used to be looked at as when Fall would start to move in. Fingers crossed. Not begging for snow by any means, but some relief would be swell.

Shafer Council briefs...

Shafer City Council met August 15 for a regular meeting. Council member Nick Brehm was absent.

Ki Chi Saga Days - State Fair

Thanks to all the volunteers and the Ki Chi Saga Days committee for a wonderful weekend of fun and festivities. There were people everywhere and they were all having a great time.

Full weekend of Ki-Chi-Saga

This week is one of the biggest town celebrations. Ki Chi Saga Days officially starts Thursday with city wide garage sales. See the classified section of this paper for a list of sales.

Stacy Daze was a hoot

If you were one of the lucky people to take in Stacy Daze last weekend you would have noticed a bigger better and more exciting Stacy Daze. You can really tell the added effort by the great folks from Stacy this year. It was a fantastic event and it showed by the number of people that attended. And a special shout out for one of the best fireworks displays that I can remember. Congrats Stacy on such a great celebration!

Stacy Daze chance to entertain

I cannot believe it is August already. This summer has flown by in the blink of an eye. There is someone in our home that is making state fair plans already...

Center City Days is upon us

This weekend is Center City’s turn in the spotlight. Center City Days runs this Friday, Saturday and Sunday any-and-all are invited.

Stacy City Council briefs. . .

Stacy City Council met July 11 for a regular meeting. Council member Jennie Carlson was absent.

KOD to Wanningan Days

What a perfect weekend we had for Karl Oskar Days. Weather was great, everyone was out and about and having a great time. Thanks to Pauline and her amazing staff of volunteers and to the city workers who did a great job prepping the city for such a fun event.